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    At National Alert Security and Protection Services, we provide the Fort Lauderdale community with licensed and vetted security services. As a veteran-owned security agency, we understand the importance of protecting yourself and your business. All our private security officers are trained and licensed, with the majority of our employees being former military and law enforcement.

    Never Fear With Our Personal Protection Services in Fort Lauderdale

    No matter your status, our team of executive protection and bodyguards in Fort Lauderdale are adequately trained to provide our clients with an exceptional degree of personal protection. With our personal security services, it’s common that the presence of our trained bodyguards will deter any potential aggressors and assailants from harming you. With our personal security guards, you can feel confident you’re safe at all times.

    Keeping the Fort Lauderdale Community Safe

    When you trust our security officer services to protect your business in Fort Lauderdale, you’re choosing to ensure there’s no ill intent being carried out in an establishment you worked so hard to create. Whether you’re looking for quality security officer services to protect your hospital or you need a private security officer to accompany your top business executives on their company trip, National Alert Security and Protection Services is the team in Fort Lauderdale to partner with.

    Committed to Providing Excellent Service and Extreme Security


    We’re Always Watching Your Fort Lauderdale Property

    Having a quality security system can bring you peace of mind knowing there’s always someone watching. Whether our security camera system installation is being utilized in a commercial or residential property in Fort Lauderdale, you never have to worry. With so much uncertainty in the world today, it’s better to stay prepared. When you choose to install our security camera system, you’re giving your employees a safe environment to work in and finally being able to enjoy quality time with your loved ones without having to worry about your safety.


    Be Prepared for Anything

    Are you prepared to handle an unlikely situation all alone? The most common answer is no. However, that can easily be changed with our survival training classes. We provide our customers in Fort Lauderdale with a highly trained staff that has years of extensive field experience under their belt. We teach students of all levels and profiles, from civilians to Special Forces. We have two traditional survival training classes and a private class option if your schedule permits you to join the traditional courses in Fort Lauderdale.

    Protecting the Fort Lauderdale, FL Community With Private Security

    The reality is, there is no way to judge a person’s intent. However, with our private security officers guarding what matters most, you can feel confident you’re always protected. As a veteran owned, licensed, and vetted security agency, National Alert Security and Protection Services understands the importance of your protection. Most of our employees are former military or law enforcement, so you may have peace of mind that you are protected by only the finest in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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